“Light Festival – forging the history of Jerusalem and its Arab-Islamic identity.

For the tenth year in a row under the guise of “art and music”, a number of Israeli institutions, including the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Ministry of Heritage, and the Jerusalem Development Authority are trying to define occupied Jerusalem as a unified Jewish city, on its eastern and western part, through [the Light Festival’s] 38 locations.

The Judaizing festival begins at Bab Al-Khalil [Jaffa Gate], passes through Omar Ibn Al-Hittab Square, the Armenian Quarter, the Moroccan (Jewish) Quarter, the Christian Quarter and reaches Bab Al-Amud [Damascus Gate], and the Suleiman Cave [Zedekiah’s Cave]. In these places, light shows are displayed on the historic walls of Jerusalem and music and drumming are performed. This is all happening in the streets, on the roads, and in the stations, in an attempt to steal the heritage and history of the city.”

-Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan

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