“Arabic language week at the Light Rail.
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The Light Rail will participate in Arab Language Week for the first week of July. A free Arabic lesson will be given to those who doesn’t speak Arabic at the service center in the Clal Building, 97 Jaffa Street, next to the Davidka Light Rail Station.

A lecture will take place on Monday, 02/7/18, at 18:00 with Suha Kadri a teacher at the The Jerusalem Intercultural Center. Another lesson will be held on Thursday 05/7/18, at 18:00 with Gilad Sevitt a teacher from an Arabic language school.

Registration is free and you can sign up at the following link http://bit.ly/2N3cncd”

– City Pass – Jerusalem Light Rail

[Selected Comments:]
– “OK, do vice versa: Make a Hebrew language week to teach the Arabs.”

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