News Digest: Jerusalemite Activist Arrested

“Jerusalemite activist and director of the Jerusalem Anti-Judaization Council, Naser Al-Hidmi was arrested [by Israel] after a raid and search of his home in A-Siwaneh [1] neighborhood in Jerusalem.”

– Wadi Hilweh Information Center –Silwan

“Video: Jerusalemite activist Naser Al-Hidmi was arrested from his home in A-Siwaneh neighborhood in Jerusalem. During the arrest he was beaten and his home was searched and vandalized.”

– Wadi Hilweh Information Center-Silwan

[Translation of video:]

“At about 10:15, I was sitting with my husband who was drinking his morning coffee like he normally would. The doorbell rang and I got up to answer it; I asked who it was, and the person said, ‘I am the police, open the door.’ I asked them to wait a minute so I could cover my hair, to which he replied, ‘if you don’t open up now I will break down the door.’ In the few seconds that it took for me to cover my hair they had entered the house; the entered in a very barbaric way and said they were going to search the home.
We have young daughters, and we told them this. They let the girls out of the home, and then entered and asked us to show them what we had, and to hand things over to them. He took my phone and asked us what other phones and devices we had. We told them that that was all we had. They then started searching.”
0202 Editor’s note:
[1] The Palestinian neighborhood of A-Siwaneh is located east of the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, and north of the Mount of Olives and A-Tur neighborhoods.

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