“Because police allowed to do anything!”

[Selected Comments:]
– “People receive 500 shekel fines there on a regular basis…I doubt they were fined.”
– “Give it a rest. The policemen in Jerusalem risk their lives for the residents…What are you making a fuss about, for God’s sake!”
– “They’re animals, what do you expect.”
– “Criminals with the law on their side.”
– “They’re allowed to, yes! The go above and beyond for your sake so yes, they’ll park in whichever way they want – they decide.”
– “This is because anyone who doesn’t have anything better to do joins the police.”
– “I was fined there twice, each time for 250 shekels.”
– “Don’t you people have anything better to do?”
– “You’ve made a mistake. That area is reserved for motorcycle parking.”
– [In response:] “I was fined there.”

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