“So they say they’re keeping the Train Track Park?!?!

This is definitely not true … We thought that was maybe a joke,
But no, it’s a messed-up lie to freak you out.

When the first tractor goes up on Emek Refaim,
Destroying and shutting off the lives of residents and merchants alike,
When the street is stopped and vehicles can not be reached,
How will trucks carrying merchandise, garbage, emergency vehicles and passing cars pass?

According to the “combined tools” law, there is no other choice,
Go straight to the Train Track Park and the Train Street
Pass all coming traffic !!! Because there is simply no other choice!

And instead of a family entertainment park,
We will get heavy air pollution, no more and no less,
And in the park no one will eat or have fun and it will just be evacuated

And because with your hands you destroyed Emek Refaim and the Train Track Park,
There will be neither forgiveness or pardon,
In Emek Refaim there will not be a light rail,
But also not in the Train Track Park,
A light train will only pass through a tunnel!

To be continued…

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“Goodbye and Good Riddance: Citypass [1] Says Farewell to Jerusalem.

The results of the Ministry of Tranportation’s bid for operating the Light Rail have arrived: Citypass will not be continuing – the Jerusalemite activists are happy but there are those who are trying to claim credit that isn’t theirs.”

– Kol HaZman Haredi Newspaper [article was posted in a west Jerusalem FB Group]

[Selected Comments from Jerusalemites FB Group:]
– “When is this happening exactly? So we can get together for a toast…”
– “A record was broken yesterday: My ticket was checked three times [on the short ride] from the central bus station to Jaffa – Center station.”
– “Explain to them: What does it matter, an inspector is an inspector. The color of his uniform doesn’t matter, the person wearing it is an asshole.”
– “Does that mean that if I have ten fines, I don’t have to pay them?”
– “I don’t get this. Whoever hasn’t payed should be fined. Why should I continue to be law-abiding when I see a criminal next to me that hasn’t paid and he gets out of it scot-free? You’ve been caught? Pay. He dares to argue? As far as I’m concerned, he can be beaten. He’s a thief and should be treated as such.”
– [In response:] “You’re right, but they started it (the thieving).”
– [In response:] “What do you mean?”
– [In response:] “They steal from the residents. For example: Yesterday, an elderly woman boarded the train yesterday with a shopping trolley and a bag. She sits down to look through her bag for her ‘Rav-Kav’ [2] in order to pay. As she gets up to pay, an inspector appears out of nowhere and scolds her: ‘Next time you’ll be fined’. […] Their interpretation of the law is intended to allow them to steal from people. And anyway, the fact that they makes so much money from fines is suspicious.”

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Citypass is the company that has managed Jerusalem’s Light Rail public transport system since its opening. The conduct of the company and its inspectors has been constantly under scrutiny and is heavily criticized.
[2] ‘Rav-Kav’ – Israel’s chargeable public transport card.

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