“Austrian Chancellor visits Al-Buraq Wall [1], disregarding European Union policy

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ignored European Union policy on the special status of Jerusalem and visited Al- Buraq Wall.

An image published by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his Twitter and Instagram accounts showed Kurz wearing a Jewish skullcap and performing Talmudic prayers at the wall, imitating followers of the Jewish religion.

Netanyahu, who will meet with Kurz tonight [June 11, 2018], said he hoped European leaders would follow Kurz’s example and visit the ‘Wailing Wall’ when visiting Israel.”

– Al-Quds
0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Al-Buraq Wall is the Arabic name Muslims have for the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall, or in Hebrew, the Kotel. The Jewish name for the site refers to the wall’s placement as the westernmost wall of the Jewish Temple, which was destroyed in the year 70, save for this wall. The Arabic name for the site got its name from the Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) night journey, or Mi’raj, during which he tied his steed, called the Buraq, to the wall while he ascended to heaven.

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