News Digest: Fire in Armon HaNatziv


“A fire has broken out in the fields next to the American Embassy.”

– Sur Baher Village

“[According to] Hebrew-language media: A fire in the ‘Armon Hanatziv’ settlement, built on town lands [1]. According to Hebrew sources, the Israeli police is still examining the reasons behind the incident.”

– Mukabber Net

“A fire in the Qafishe Restaurant in Dahiyat A-Salaam [2], may God protect them.”

– State of Shuafat Refugee Camp



“A Fire Broke out in Armon HaNatziv Neighborhood; Houses Closest to the Grove were Evacuated
Fire crews operating by Yaakov Raz street in the neighborhood. The fire is under control of the firefighting and rescue forces. Earlier, a fire broke out at Ramat Eshkol neighborhood.
This past hour, police forces are operating at a fire that broke out at a grove in Harmon Hanatziv neighborhood, in response to which, the residents of the houses closest to the grove, which are on Yaakov Raz street, have been evacuated.
Earlier, a fire broke out close to Sheshet HaYamim street in Ramat Eshkol. Five fire crews responded to a fire of trees and undergrowth in the valley. Firefighters acted to protect the neighborhood houses, combat the focus points of the blaze and prevent its spreading to other streets. The area is under cover of heavy smoke.
Last Thursday, a fire broke out on Iceland street in Kiryat Menahem neighborhood; four crews operated in a three-story house and an elderly woman was evacuated suffering from minor injuries. Additionally, two fires broke out in the city last week […]”

– myNet Jerusalem

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] ‘Built on town lands’ refers to the claim that the Armon HaNatziv neighborhood was build on land belonging to residents of the Jabel Al-Mukabber neighborhood.
[2] Dahiyat A-Salaam is a neighborhood inside the Shuafat Refugee Camp.

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