News Digest: Viral Social Media Coverage of Death of Paramedic Razan A-Najjar [1]


“Many called her an ‘angel of mercy’… Razan’s martyrdom has gone viral as social media sites burst with sadness and anger.”

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“The martyrdom of Razan … Palestine bids farewell to this white robe.”

– Al-Quds News Network

“President Mahmoud Abbas sends condolences for the paramedic-turned-martyr #Razan_ANajjar : ‘Razan was a daughter of the Palestinian people and all of us are proud of her, and she sacrificed herself for the Palestinian people.’”

– Al-Quds News Network

“Please share:
Warning –
Some activists on social networking pages portray this female soldier as the murderer of martyr Razan A-Najjar [2]. The [Facebook] post about terrorist soldier Rebecca was published in 2014, not today. At this time, the occupation media has not disclosed the murderer of martyr Razan A-Najjar and there has been no confirmation on the matter from official sources, contrary to what the false publication suggests. Please do not be dragged in by electronic media spies who are trying to disseminate false information.
We will give you details as soon as they are received.”

– Qalandia Media Center


“On fake news and the power of Facebook:

Rivka has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, and I can testify that she wouldn’t hurt a fly. When I turned on my phone after the Sabbath on Saturday night, I was amazed to discover a horrific campaign online to vilify her – on a scale I could never have imagined.
How did this happen? After the death of the Palestinian paramedic on the Gazan border, someone found a photo of Rivka in IDF uniform, holding an M16 rifle, that was posted on the IDF’s Facebook page no less than four years ago. The original post mentioned that Rivka made Aliyah [3] to Israel from Boston and drafted to the IDF. The woman that found the photo posted it alongside the photo of the paramedic that was killed, so as to ‘compare’ the two of them. It appears that Palestinian groups saw the post with the two photos side by side, did not understand the English, and concluded that Rivka must be none other than the sniper that killed the paramedic. From there, the rumor spread like wildfire to hundreds of groups, including one called ‘FREEDOM FOR GAZA’, from which the post blaming Rivka was shared 15,000 times. Meanwhile, Rivka and all her friends on Facebook (including me) have been receiving a barrage of death threats.
It is astounding to see how easily the lies snowballed, and how much evil can be spread with a click of a button.”

– Jojo Carmel, West Jerusalemite Activist

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] Razan Najjar, a 21-year-old paramedic, was fatally shot on Friday near the Gaza-Israel border during a protest which has continued intermittently since March 30th. The protest, known as ‘the Great March of Return’, marks the 70th anniversary of the 1948 War between Israel and the Palestinians and other Arab armies, in which Israel gained its independence and many Palestinians lost their homes.
[2] Najjar’s death was highly publicized on social media sites, leading to the dissemination of rumors regarding the identity of her killer, which were later proven to be false.
[3] ‘Aliyah’ – literally ‘ascent’ – is the Hebrew term used to describe the immigration of Jews to Israel.

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