“This is what I think about Elkin [1] running for the head of Jerusalem’s Municipality [2].

In my opinion, Elkin is one of the smartest and most experienced politicians in the country. The Office for Jerusalem Affairs, which historically has been an issue for the mayor and a means for transferring funds to the settlements in Palestinian neighborhoods, Elkin filled with intiatives — some of which are actually quite good. It seems to me he’s a runner with stamina, with an eye on the Prime Minister’s chair. And he’s quiet too, waiting for his chance.

And this is the problem. To get ahead, he needs to start standing out. In this current political climate with the Likud [3] he can’t get ahead and stand out. Bibi loves to surround himself with dwarves and halt anyone who can compete with him. And even if Bibi were to go, which seems unlikely, there are a few other people higher than him in the food chain. What’s more, is that if Bibi falls it would suit him to take everyone with him.

But in Jerusalem, Elkin could set up a corner for himself to take shelter for five years. A position full of opportunities to create headlines and a place in the public consciousness. Here, he will not have to depend on the internal politics of the Likud and the Prime Minister’s Bureau. He will be able to improve his chances while he waits for the era after Bibi and for his big opportunity.”

– Shalom Boguslavsky

[Selected Comments:]
– “That’s what Olmert [4] did and it worked for him. On the other hand, it didn’t work for Roni Milo [5].”
– “Exactly.”
– “Maybe he’ll even be a fair mayor.”

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] זאב אלקין Zeev Elkin is a Member of Knesset and the Minister for Jerusalem Affairs. He is a member of the Likud party. He recently announced his candidacy for mayor in Jerusalem’s upcoming municipality elections.
[2] Jerusalem Municipality | עיריית ירושלים elections will take place October 30 2018.
[3] Likud is a center-right wing political party in Israel. Israel’s current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו is a member of Likud.
[4] Ehud Olmert is an Israeli politician who served as Jerusalem mayor, and later as Prime Minister. In 2012 he was convicted of one count of ‘breach of trust’ and in 2014 of bribery. Olmert served 16 months in prison before being granted an early release by the Israeli Parole Board in July 2017.
[5] Roni Milo is a former Member of Knesset who held a number of ministerial portfolios. He resigned from Knesset in December 1993 to serve as mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. After his term as mayor, he returned to Knesset for four years, but then lost his seat in the 2003 elections.

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