“The Flag Parade [1]: Once Again, Calls for Revenge against Residents of East Jerusalem.

Clips posted on Facebook document participants in the Flag Parade singing: ‘I will exact revenge on Palestine’.

‘I will exact revenge on Palestine – God damn them’: These are the words of the song sang by some of the participants in the Flag Parade which is held every year in Jerusalem. In the clips, the participants are seen celebrating, dancing and singing the song of revenge in front of Damascus Gate, and even in the Muslim Quarter.
This is not the first time that calls of this kind have been documented during the Flag Parade. The parade is an event that is known for its volatility, especially in the past two decades.
The ‘Tag Meir’ organization [2] organized a parallel activity, ‘The Flower Parade’, in which participants distributed flowers to residents of the Muslim Quarter on Jerusalem Day.

-mynet Jerusalem

“In your opinion, should the Flag Parade pass through the Muslim Quarter next year?”

[Selected Comments:]
– “Once a year, the city is flooded with flag-carrying patriots that interfere, leave the city in a mess and then go back to where they came from…A little like winged ants – a broom and a dustpan and everything disappears in a second.”
– “The Parade of Racists.”
– “Of course, the year’s most beautiful event.”
– “The difference between us and them: With us, it’s only calls [for revenge]; the terrorists come from their side.”

-mynet Jerusalem

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] The Flag Parade is part of the commemoration of Jerusalem Day. Participants march through the centre of Jerusalem and the Old City towards the Western Wall, carrying Israel and Jerusalem flags. Jerusalem Day icelebrates the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City after the 1967 war.
[2] Tag Meir is an organization that aims to eradicate racism and violence in Israeli society.

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