News Digest: Nakbah Day General Strike

“A statement issued by the Jerusalem Schools Parents Union:

Dear people of Jerusalem and Jerusalem students,
[…] Because of what is happening in Palestine, particularly in the city of Jerusalem – the brutal attacks everywhere, the rising number of martyrs and wounded, the incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque and recitation of Talmudic [Jewish] prayers, the arrest of mosque guards and the Murabitun [1] there, the seizure of Jerusalem streets by droves of settlers, the illegal decision to move the American embassy to the occupied city of Jerusalem, and Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Violating Entity – we declare a general strike.

The general strike will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 15 May, in all Jerusalem schools to oppose what is happening to the Palestinian people, the city of Jerusalem, and in the interest of our children’s safety
We ask the school administrations to postpone tomorrow’s tests in order to let the students prepare for the exams.

May Allah have mercy on our martyrs, heal our wounded, and free our prisoners.

Jerusalem Schools Parents Union

– Jerusalem Schools Parents Union

[Selected comments:]

– “Sorry, but what good are healthy bodies with minds that do not know anything about our culture, heritage and the justice of our cause!? We strike and leave them to do what they want in the city.”

“Salaam Aleikum,

In response to questions from students and parents, I am announcing that things will continue as usual tomorrow in all municipal schools and the Israeli Ministry of Education.
God bless you.”

– Nir Barakat’s Arabic language Facebook page [2]

[Selected comments:]

– “We don’t want a strike, we want our children to finish exams and be happy. Why strike over every little thing? I do not know what a ‘school day’ is supposed to be! We don’t have school days like the rest of the world because of these things. Afterwards, they will race to get materials to finish teaching and put pressure on the students.”

– “Who asked you?”

– “Mr. Nir Barakat is the best Jerusalem mayor. There’s no one else like hom who works for the schools, kindergartens, and for the people of Jerusalem. Good job.”

– “The savage army shoots tear gas grenades every day at school students next to the Shuafat Refugee Camp checkpoint. They won’t have a day of school because of the army’s savages. We need a solution.”

“A small number of Jerusalem municipality students attended school because of examinations in the area of Shuafat Reugee Camp and its surroundings.”

– State of Shuafat Refugee Camp

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] The Murabitun, or those who fulfil the commandment of being present in God’s honor, serve as civilian guards in holy Muslim sites. Today in the Muslim world, due to religious and political threats, Jerusalem is a particularly important location for Murabitat, specifically at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Clashes regularly occur between the Murabitun and Israeli forces. Today it is customary to call Muslims who pray in Al-Aqsa Murabitun, as they are effectively opposed to the Israeli and Jewish presence there.
[2] Nir Barkat is the two-term mayor of Jerusalem and has been in office since 2008. Formerly working in the high-tech industry, since the beginning of his political career in 2003 when he founded the local party Yerushalayim Tatzliach (lit. Jerusalem Will Succeed) he has had political backing from varying political parties in Israel across the political spectrum. He is currently a member of the Likud, a party on the center-right of the Israeli political spectrum.

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