“The First Station [1] isn’t just a recreation space. The First Station is the Jerusalem we want to live in- diverse, tolerant, fun on weekdays, and enjoyable on Shabbat. The First Station is not a problem, it’s the solution. […]
Concerts on the main stage for senior citizens, and Jamboree for kids. Jerusalem for everybody, Jerusalem for us.
Tomorrow we’ll go out and fight for the Jerusalem of tomorrow, for the Jerusalem that we know can be, as long as we don’t give up on it.
And we’re not giving up.”

– Hitorerut Jerusalem [2]

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] First Station is a historic train station near the Germany Colony neighborhood that was restored and transformed into a culture and entertainment center. Many of the restaurants and shops are open on the Sabbath, angering Haredi politicians and residents. This week, Jerusalem’s municipal council will vote on whether the First Station will be permitted to remain open on the Sabbath.
[2] Hitorerut (lit. Awakening) is a party in Jerusalem municipal politics based on principles of pluralism and ensuring residents stay in the city. The party largely represents young and secular residents.

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