“Whoever succeeded say hooray!
It’s always good to be happy, but there’s something special about being happy after success and graduation!

Today [Thursday] was the graduation of the fourth class of the Hebrew language course at the university as part of the We Speak Hebrew project.
Many thanks and appreciation goes to all the instructors for all the efforts they made during the school year, to the women of Mini Active and to Young Women for the Environment. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the program.
See you next year!
Intisar 🙂 “

– Mini active [1]

[Selected comments:]
– “It was very good and we enjoyed! Inshallah we will meet next year 😍😘”
– “I would like to thank the instructors for all their efforts.”

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Mini Active is a womenโ€™s organization in Jerusalem that aims to cause social change through small steps. The organization aims at solving small problems in the community in a short amount of time, by asking the proper authorities for help and solutions. This includes problems with garbage pick-up, streets and sidewalks, electricity and much more.

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