“The Occupation Forbids the Muezzins in the Jerusalem Mosques to Call for Prayer During the Embassy Opening Celebration

The Hebrew Channel 2 reported that the Occupation police had decided to forbid the muezzins from the mosques in Jerusalem to call for prayers at the start of the celebrations of the US embassy transfer from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem on Monday, So that the participants, about 800, will not hear the calls of the muezzins.

On the same subject, Channel 2 revealed that there is unprecedented security preparation by Israel for the opening of the US embassy in occupied Jerusalem and the Palestinian Nakba Day.

In addition, it mentioned that the Israeli police are preparing for the next week, which it described as ‘the most difficult week,’ as the police will be securing the celebration of Jerusalem Day (The day the occupation was completed, when both sides of the city were occupied), the opening of the US embassy, the Israeli flag parade, and then the events of Nakba Day, in addition to the beginning of the month of Ramadan, which is usually accompanied by security tensions.

Channel 2 also noted that next Monday, the day of the celebrations marking the opening of the US embassy, the police are planning to build a wall of policemen and snipers, in addition to deploying helicopters for surveillance purposes in the neighborhood where the embassy will be opened.

Next Sunday, there will be celebrations of the day called ‘Jerusalem Day’ marking the 70th anniversary of the Hebrew state (the Nakba of Palestine in 1948), or alternatively the occupation of what remains of the city of Jerusalem. On this day it was decided to hold dozens of activities in Jerusalem, headed by the Israeli flag parade, in which more than 20,000 settlers will participate.

The Hebrew channel noted that the participants in the parade will surround all the walls and gates of the Old City this year and then turn to the Al-Buraq Wall Plaza (the Western Wall to the Al-Aqsa Mosque).”

– Qalandiya Media Center

“A call to raise the muezzins call for prayer in all the mosques in Jerusalem during the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.”

– Al-Quds Research Center

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