“The Community Administrations Have Given an Ultimatum to the Minister of Transportation: An Additional Bus Operator or a Lawsuit […]

The Transportation Committees of the Community Administrations […] have appealed to the Minister of Transportation Israel Katz, demanding that Egged’s monopoly in the Jerusalem area be ended, and that an additional operator be introduced. […] The main claim is that Egged isn’t operating sufficient bus runs for a city of Jerusalem’s size. Additionally, they claimed that on average, 8.5% of planned bus runs do not leave the station. An average higher than 2.1% allows the Ministry of Transportation to break their contract with Egged, and withdraw their approval of the company’s continued operation in the capital. They also claimed that there are significantly smaller municipalities in which many inner-city bus operators function. So too such an action would be justified in Jerusalem.

According to the Community Administrations, Egged lacks an additional 150 drivers [necessary] in the city. Zhor organization and the Community Administrations gathered dozens of residents’ complaints regarding delays, buses skipping stops, and cancelled buses. […] Egged: ‘The numbers are unsubstantiated, and their source is unclear, seeing as the CEO of the Ministry of Transportation Keren Turner presented data according to which the average of bus runs cancelled by Egged during the first quarter of 2018 was only 2%. Jerusalem suffers from objective obstacles when it comes to properly running public transportation, partly because of lacking infrastructure. […] Therefore, it is clear that introducing an additional operator will not solve the problems.’

The municipality: ‘The municipality supports the addition of another operator, and will act to move forward on this cause with the Ministry of Transportation. To the best of our knowledge, the ministry has recently increased enforcement regarding public transportation lines in the city which has led to improvement in service. […]’”

– myNet Jerusalem

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– “We have had enough of the noise and ecological damage of the aggressive buses that you run through residential neighborhoods!”

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