“‘The Golden Tooth Kingdom’ angers Rabbis of the Old City.

The city’s rabbis are outraged. On Tuesday, a major three day event that is angering local Rabbis will begin. The Rabbis want to cancel the event due to non-kosher food and performances, which they believe are not fit for the Old City of Jerusalem.

According to the reports, ‘From Tuesday through Thursday, the alleys of the Old City will become a magical kingdom – the Golden Tooth Kingdom.’ Visitors to the kingdom will enjoy a variety of attractions, including a pyrotechnic show at the Jaffa Gate.

‘In the street theater or Independence Day celebrations of the magical kingdom, you can enjoy a royal parade, an aerial display above the Tower of David, performances from dozens of acrobats, live orchestras and a variety of street performances by local and international artists.’

Council member Aryeh King [1], who is fighting the event, says: ‘Politicians have turned the Holy City of Jerusalem into a platform for their personal advancement through acts of arrogance and immodesty. This displays the contempt of these politicians not only for the sanctity of the city, but also for the residents of the Holy City, who mostly do not attend these events because of the lack of modesty, kashrut and non-educational content.’

King accused the ultra-Orthodox council members of ignoring the event.”As a member of the city council, I tried for four years to prevent harm to the sanctity of the city and the residents of the city. Unfortunately, the mayor and most of his religious and ultra-Orthodox members of the coalition opposed my proposals.”

As stated, the rabbis of the Old City and the Rabbis of the city of Jerusalem have demanded that the event be canceled, in which non kosher food will be eaten near the Western Wall.”

– Kikar Hashabbat

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] Arieh King is a member of Jerusalem city council and the founder of the Israel Land Fund whose mission is to “acquire land,” in East Jerusalem and around Israel, “of strategic national importance as well as areas of historical and religious value to the Jewish people.”

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