“These two photographs date back to the year 1938; they show British Mandate soldiers closing off the entrances to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It looks as if the first photo was taken near Al-Hadeed Gate, one of the gates of Al-Aqsa, while the second photo was taken near the path to Al-Silsileh Gate [The Chain Gate].

British Mandate forces closed off the entrance ways into Al-Aqsa Mosque at that time because of clashes during the 1936 Arab Revolt [1].

What is interesting here is that the policy of closing off Al-Aqsa Mosque has been continuous from the time of the British Mandate to the current Zionist Occupation of our country; what the latter is doing is just a continuation of implementing what the British security apparatus did in our land.

It is important to point out how central the issue of Al-Aqsa has been historically in our conflict, as Arabs and Muslims, with colonialism in all its forms. Throughout its history, Al-Aqsa has been on the forefront of Arab and Muslim nationalist struggles for freedom.

Photos from the Israeli government press office archives.”

– The Streets of Jerusalem

0202 Editor’s Note:
[1] The 1936–1939 Arab revolt in British mandated Palestine, also known as ‘The Great Revolt,’ was a nationalist uprising by Palestinians against the British administration. They demanded Arab independence and an end to the policy of open-ended Jewish immigration and land purchases with the stated goal of establishing a Jewish national homeland.

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