Deportation of Asylum Seekers Digest: [1]

“Tomorrow we will return to the streets. We will not stop until we stop the deportation.
Until we guarantee the safety of asylum seekers and residents of the neighborhoods.

10:30 – Jerusalem – opposite the Prime Minister’s Office.
10:30 – Tel Aviv – opposite the entrance to the Kirya [Ministry of Defence HQ]
10:30 – Haifa – opposite the home of Minister Moshe Kahlon.

Public pressure worked and will continue to work.
The ball is in our court – share and come!
This is not a political game. This is human life. The suspension of the only agreement that promises the rehabilitation of southern Tel Aviv is primarily a violation TO those residents for whom the agreement was apparently suspended in the first place!

In any event, the Rwanda agreement is not relevant, as the Prime Minister declared, and the deportation itself is illegal, what has been clarified many times in recent weeks by the Foreign Ministry, the High Court and the UN. An agreement that includes an examination of asylum requests, a policy of responsible dispersion and real rehabilitation of southern Tel Aviv is the only responsible option.”

– Stop the Deportation Israel
Somehow I found that in most of my 20’s I chose to dedicate time, energy and resources to taking part in the struggle for communities that had to flee from the most precious thing of all – from home. It is the type of work that is full, too full of and the concepts of victory and joy are reconciled each time to diminishing doses.

This struggle took from me, perhaps more than anything else, the words. The internal space in which not everything should be efficient, practical, and purpose oriented. Because in the light of a bitter fate, what place do my own troubles, trials and tribulations have? And in view of the difficulty of this type of work, how can I endanger the ‘practical’ in allowing emotion that may yet overwhelm and paralyze?

But in the moments of grace in which I allow some space to say a few words, I find that alongside the despair that lurks in every corner, there is also a lot of gratitude for everything that this struggle gave me. And first and foremost, the people and women on my side, those who pick me up every time, and fill me with pride in the knowledge that these are my friends, my teachers, my partners and my friends.. These are the men and women standing shoulder to shoulder.
I secretly admire most of them, wondering how I got to a place where they are asking my opinion. The women with whom I founded and managed projects, the people with whom I traveled and marched. Those with whom I write and collaborate. Those with whom we shouted together, which we created together. Those who know how to take a half-crazy idea and make it into a reality, and those who know how to take from reality, a crazy idea. Those who consult me ​​and those with whom I consult. Those who invite me to take part, who ask me to take part, and who are always willing to take part. Those I could laugh with even in the most difficult moments, and that even in the middle of the night, on the side of a busy road, they would stand beside me in silence so that I would not be alone. Shoulder to shoulder.
Dr. Seuss wrote that ‘if you go, you can go to wonderful places’, I do not know where I’m going to go, but what’s certain is that I do not do it myself.

– Agur Sultan
0202 Editor’s notes:
[1] Israel announced on Monday that it has canceled a contested plan to forcibly deport migrants to Africa after reaching an agreement with the United Nation High Commission on Refugees to allow around half of them to resettle in Western countries and the other half to remain in Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled the refugee agreement that he had reached with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and announced only yesterday, after caving in to pressure from coalition partners Minister of Education Naftali Bennett and Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon.



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