“I was tired yesterday. There was a crazy party at the Liron Amram and the Panthers [1] Concert. Two older people organized a Yemenite step-dance line and suddenly I felt happy inside. On the way home, I missed the bus and at the station I tried to help a group of teenagers understand what bus they needed to take. Until I understood that the destination was somewhere they could beat Arabs. I didn’t say anything because I was a little afraid. They gave up and went to get drunk in the city instead. The bus reached us, a woman with a lot of pink blush asked for a shekel from everyone that got on as charity before the holiday. Everyone gave what they had, even those that she didn’t ask from. Except for the teenagers, they didn’t have a shekel.”

– Shirli Zerbib

0202 Editors’ Note:
[1] Liron Amram is a Yemenite pop and electronic music musician.

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