[Seen in a Haredi Neighborhood:]

“Dear Thief (May he live a long tife),

To my great sorrow, I found out before Shabbat, after the Mikve (ritual bath) [1], that my purse and all of its contents had been stolen.
To my great joy, it was made known to me on Sunday that my wallet was found with most of its contents – all but 185 shekels…
I understand that you’ve gotten into a tough spot, and this is the way that you chose to fix it, but it’s a shame, a great shame, that for this petty cash you’ll have to come back to this world [through reincarnation]…it just isn’t worth it!
Out of pity to you, I would like to forgive you for the theft, but I expect you to express remorse for your actions, and make a promise never to resort to these deviant actions.
You’ll be able to do the above through a phone call (no need to identify yourself) in this number […] or through a letter to this letter box […]
I trust you know to use this opportunity to find a way to get closer to God once more.
P.S. I appreciate your brave resourcefulness, not throwing out the various documents that were in the wallet, and your choice to return them.

The person you stole from.”

– Actualic

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] It is customary for men to visit the Mikve, ritual bath, on fridays.

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