“‘Splitting of the Sea’ route is going out from the house of bondage to freedom! Sha-bus is pleased to announce that beach season is beginning! Starting the seventh day of Passover, you can travel with us to the sea in Tel Aviv and back! Did we mention that this is a weekend bus? Note though – the bus only runs when enough people have signed up. So don’t hesitate. Reserve in advance. Take Shabus!”

– Shabus – Social Transportation on the Weekend

0202 Editor’s Note:
In most cities in Israel, public transportation does not operate on the Jewish sabbath, Friday evening to Saturday evening. Thus, people who do not observe the religious laws of sabbath are often left without the means to travel on Saturdays. Some cities in which the demographic is predominantly secular do run limited transportation services or alternate modes of transportation to accommodate residents’ needs. In Jerusalem, public transportation does not run during this time. “Shabus” is a community-run initiative to provide Jerusalemites with busing to and from a number of cities in Central Israel, such as Tel Aviv (particularly to the beaches!).

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