“1,250,000 Jerusalemite minutes.

1,250,000 minutes, equivalent to more than 20,000 hours, are wasted by Jerusalem residents at bus stations waiting for a bus that isn’t coming. And that’s before we even talk about delays, crowding, and the horrible conditions on buses in the city.”

– Hit’orerut local party

[From the video:]

“…Here we see the data regarding [public transportation] runs that were not carried out. The information shows that between 10 and almost 20 percent of rides are not carried out each month. This means that we are talking about 10,000 to 20,000 runs in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, that are not carried out each month. […] In the next slide, we’ll be able to see transit schedules for public transportation in Jerusalem. This means that even if things worked as planned, time of transit from the neighborhoods [of Jerusalem] to the central bus station would still be triple the time of transit in a private car. When we checked what really happens, for example, with Boaz from Gilo [Neighborhood] we found out that getting to the central bus station takes more than an hour. The time it takes to get from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is shorter than the time it takes to get to the central bus station from neighborhoods within Jerusalem. In the next photos, we’ll be able to see what goes on inside the public transports […] inside the buses, the situation is terrible. Anyone who can avoid using public transportation does so. This influences people who have cars too, because when a person chooses not to use public transportation, he adds a burden to the city’s traffic […]”

– 15 Minutes – Public Transportation Consumers Organization in Israel

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