“Starting next week, traffic obstructions and jams in the city’s entrance.

Starting next Saturday night, the third of March, the Jerusalem Municipality is planning to start noisy drilling work at the entrance to the city as well as blocking roads for seven days and nights as part of infrastructural developments in the city’s entrance. Beyond expected traffic jams during these work hours, there are dramatic implications expected for residents of Miskhenot Ha’Uma, Nachlaot, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Recently, a number of alternative ideas have been considered including those that would allow for the work to progress unimpeded alongside the improvement of environmental conditions. In a letter I sent to Mayor Nir Barkat and the Municipality’s director-general, I explained that to have noisy work for at least a week where thousands of residents live is inappropriate for the reality of the situation and could have real physical and mental health consequences on the residents due to lack of sleep including sensitivity issues to children and elderly residents of the neighborhoods.

It is unthinkable that the Jerusalem municipality would act with such a lack of sensitivity and would harm their residents so severely. Another way is possible and it’s not too late to change direction!”

– Dr. Ofir Lang, Chairman of the Heart of the City Community Council

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