“Blessed be the Lord, who has given us life, and we have fulfilled it and have come to this time. The crack we opened in Monopoly has been broken in the last year, and now the dam has been breached! We congratulate The Tzohar Rabbinical Organization for their important move […]” [2]

– Aaron Leibowitz [1]
0202 Editor’s note:
[1] Aaron Leibowitz is one of the founders of ‘Hashgacha Pratit’ an association in Jerusalem that offers an alternative, ‘private’, Kashrut supervision – not under the auspices of the state rabbinate. In addition to regular inspections from the association, the business owners sign up to uphold a “covenant of trust” that they will maintain the religious dietary restrictions. The inspection is ‘community-based,’ the ‘community’ being the customers and the association promises to notify its ‘community.’ This alternative Kashrut model is a response to public criticism by restaurant owners against the financial and religious monopoly of the rabbinic bodies. In accordance with Jewish law, the restaurant may be compliant with kosher laws, use kosher ingredients, etc.
[2] The ‘important move’ referred to is where, similar to ‘Hashgacha Pratit’, Tzohar rabbinical association announced on Monday that it is opening its own kashrut licensing authority in competition with the Chief Rabbinate. Tzohar’s kashrut authority will provide a viable and competitive alternative to that of the Chief Rabbinate, may prompt other groups to enter the market, and will certainly evoke the ire of the religious establishment.

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