Rabbi Auerbach, leader of the Jerusalemite Haredi-Lithuanian faction [1], who led the Haredi protest against drafting to the IDF, passed away on [Friday, February 23]. […] at the close of Shabbat, many of his followers gathered at his yeshiva, ‘Ma’a lot HaTorah’, at the head of which he stood […] Part of his followers, arrived on Saturday night to take part in a meal at the yeshiva and were notified of his death. Many of them ripped their shirts as a sign of mourning, and cried bitterly. The death of Rabbi Auerbach has come as a shock to the Haredi-Lithuanian community, as the ‘Jerusalem Faction’ has not groomed a leader to takeover his position…such a devout man was taken by God in order to atone for [the sins of] Israel […]”

– Jerusalemites FB group

[Selected Comments:]
– “Blessed be the Righteous Judge [2], but I won’t forget or forgive his incitement of violence, in the name of religion.”
– “Blessed be the Righteous Judge, there’s a saying that goes: ‘after the death of the holy one blessed be Him’. After a person passes away, you should only speak good words him, especially if he was pious and exceptionally learned in the Torah, and you should not to involve politics. He who speaks ill of a pious person, will be punished for it. He who guards his tongue, protects himself from trouble.”
– “I don’t believe you should speak fondly of a person that has passed away, especially a person that did bad things in his life and encouraged them!
His death doesn’t make me happy, God forbid, but he sure as hell was not a righteous person! A soldier or policeman that has lost his life will cause me to shed a tear, but a person that encouraged people to be freeloaders?”
– “Blessed be the Righteous Judge. There are comments here that really are inappropriate, and I don’t understand where people get the courage to write them. You didn’t know him, he isn’t your father, or your grandfather. You don’t know about the good things he did, and the media of course won’t publicize them because it won’t ‘sell’. The media will, of course, publish only bad things about the Haredis so as to create a schism within the nation (by the way, I’m not Haredi). So, you have been fed by bad media, you’ve built up this image of a person you don’t know at all, that you’ve never met, so if you didn’t know him personally, I think it’d be better to shut up.”
– “It’s easy to talk dirt about a person we don’t know, because we don’t care. But remember – today you’re writing about people you don’t know, but tomorrow morning, people could be writing about you, only because a story was published about you, or a picture of you was taken that was tied to something negative by someone, or you were filmed and the clip was later edited to make look bad, you were recorded and the recording was later cut in order to make it more ‘sellable’. I think you should either show your respect and write ‘Blessed be the Righteous Judge’, or write nothing at all.”

0202 Editor’s Notes:
[1] – ‘Jerusalem Faction’: A minority of the Ultra-Orthodox community, who strenuously oppose any attempt by the government to undermine their Haredi lifestyle, especially through drafting their men into the IDF. This faction recently carried out a series of disruptive protests throughout Jerusalem to protest what they perceive as official government policy aimed at undermining their devout way of life.
[2] A traditional blessing said after a person has passed away.

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