News digest regarding confrontations and arrests of five youths in the Shuafat Refugee Camp:

“Occupation forces arrest five children after they raided the Shuafat Refugee Camp at noon this past [Wednesday].”
– Association of Shuafat Refugee camp Youth

“On Wednesday afternoon, Occupation forces arrested five children, aged 13-15, during the withdrawal of forces from the Shuafat Refugee Camp in the center of occupied Jerusalem.
The names of the arrested children are: Diab Kersh, Mahmud ‘Abidu, Osama Abu Sneineh, Riad A-Salayma and Ibrahim Kayaala.

In addition, large numbers of soldiers and vehicles of the Occupation, raided the Shuafat Refugee Camp today and entered through the military checkpoint near the entrance to the camp.
Members of the camp youth, confronted them by throwing stones and empty bottles, while the Occupation forces used excessive force against the children and youth of the camp, throwing dozens of stun grenades and tear gas, as well as live ammunition. ”
– A-Diar

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